Reconciliation Report
Reconciliation Report
April/May Issue #57

Uganda 2009

RMNI returned to Uganda for a seventh time. Ellen Fox served in South Sudan three times previously, and Hattie Riley worked seven times in Africa prior to this trip. Despite the demands of serving sometimes hundreds of children at once, Ellen and Hattie were quite prepared with teaching, gifts, crafts, and a lot of love. They taught adults about marriage and the godly woman, and hundreds of children about creation and Bible personalities. Pregnant girls at a crisis pregnancy center were encouraged and given sewing lessons. Justina and Fred professed Christ during door-to-door evangelization.

Jim Sutherland taught world religions at Africa Bible University (ABU) and at All Nations Theological School to about eighty students in each location. He also presented the biblical basis for financial stewardship at ABU. At Kampala Evangelical School of Theology he lectured on animism and urban ministry. Church leadership and personal evangelism were presented to fifteen leaders from Ntenjeru Community Presbyterian Church during a full two-day period. The world religion presentations can be seen and downloaded from the link at We’re grateful for all those who donated funds and prayed, allowing these ministries. Thank you! Consider joining a short-term team. Whatever your spiritual/vocational gifts, we’ll try to find a home for them. Email to indicate your interest.

Jim Sutherland

Uganda 2009 Photo Report

Teaching at the “tree school.”

Providing encouragement and sewing lessons at the crisis pregnancy center.

Kampala Evangelical School of Theology

At All Nations Theological School, Kampala, an intensive course in world religions and missions was offered. Jim taught here twice in the late 1990s—the school has greatly advanced.

The students of a “tree school.” School for over 100 children convenes daily under the canopy of trees.

From Team funds 50 Bibles and 70 mosquito nets were purchased.

This is reputed to be the largest mosque in East Africa, funded by Libya for the propagation of Islam, and located in Kampala, Uganda. At ABU Jim met a couple and a pastor who plan to focus upon Muslim evangelism. The man above in the blue shirt lives in S. Sudan. He had never seen a Koran, despite Muslims living all around him. He was eager to obtain a Koran, and was given one, by which to better share and defend his faith.

Leaders from the Ntenjeru Community Presbyterian Church at our two-day seminar. We had a great time.
Jim Sutherland, Ph.D. Director

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Praise and Prayer

  • Thanks for any prayers for the Uganda ministry, March 7-21. We had good health (except one day for Ellen), excellent reception, and many opportunities to serve, as this Report indicates.
  • Kippy and Deon are in jail, but this has previously been to Kippy’s spiritual benefit. Pray that they will find transformation and encouragement in the Lord.
  • God has brought together 4-5 excellent workers at the Westside housing project. Please pray for Fletcher, that God will enable him to get into position to spearhead the work at the Westside. Pray for Gerald, a resident who is asking for God’s transformation.
  • We’re attempting a partnership with a ministry to Muslims for a second mission trip in 2009. Please pray for God’s will to be done.
  • At the Presbyterian Church in Uganda General Assembly on March 20, it was encouraging to see quite a few pastors with whom Jim has worked since 1993, either via teams or the classroom.
  • Pray for the missionary census to move forward in the next months.
  • For new visitors to our website and increased usefulness.
  • Jim’s Dad broke his hip on 4/1. Please pray for good recovery.