The Smokin' For Jesus event was a great time for over 100 volunteers to join in loving our friends at the Westside. The first picture below is of volunteers praying before the event--a shot which omits those at the serving lines. We had a lot of fun together, with excellent ministry, music and the message of Christ going out. Nine churches, including charismatic Baptists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Bible Church and Independent churches came together as one, together with a half-dozen parachurch ministries. The Bride of Christ looked great! Be sure to visit the FaceBook page of Westside Network. 

We served about 1400 hot dog and hamburger buns, which translates into about 600 residents and 100 volunteers served. If you're in the Chattanooga area and would like to join us in ministry, please contact us. The rap group G3, composed of Jeff and Chris Hardeway, is an excellent vocal team--this was the second year we have teamed together. Also the Smokin' for Jesus BBQ team may be able to assist your ministry outreach in the Chattanooga area.